Tourist home

Having a party? We've got you covered.  Bring Tourist Home to your home - we'll take care of the food, the guest list is up to you.

Bring home everything from pastries and coffee, to burritos and sandwiches.  If your party isn't a success, rest assured it isn't the food.

Call us at 928-779-2811, between 6am and 3pm, to order.


*24 hours notice required. 


Catering menu

12 pack of Crullers - $28

12 pack of Breakfast Burritos

Eggs & Tots - $84

Bacon or Avocado - $120

*salsa and sour cream on the side

12 pack of Breakfast Sandwiches

Scrambled w/ Bacon or Avocado - $84

*pimiento cheese on the side


Fruit - two 32oz bowls (serves 8) - $24

Greens (serves 8) - $24

Yogurt, Granola & Berries - 32oz of each (serves 8) - $72

Box of Coffee - $32