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Kat Biemann, Master Pastry Chef

Mike Schmidt, Culinary Director 


A little bit of home, right here in Flagstaff.  It's the heart of the south side.


Part restaurant, part bakery, part local hub, Tourist Home provides counter service breakfast and lunch starting at 6 a.m.  Enjoy made-to-order hot breakfast items (including the BEST breakfast burrito around), soups, salads, sandwiches, espresso drinks, beer, wine, mimosas and bloody marys. Join friends for conversation or sip hot coffee with a fresh pastry over today’s newspaper. Delicious creations by Master Pastry Chef Kat Biemann will bring you back time and again.

So what's with the sheep? 

For nearly four decades, visitors and residents steered clear of Tourist Home on South San Francisco Street in downtown Flagstaff. Rather than being inviting, as the building’s fading sign implied, the long-abandoned hostel was downright creepy, with whiskey bottles littering the yard, boarded-up windows and a collapsing structure that was a haven for vagrants.Built in 1926 by Basque sheepherder Jesus Garcia and his mother, Tourist Home was originally a boarding house for sheepherders. But after the shepherding industry disappeared, Tourist Home shut its doors. By 2013, it seemed tearing down the decaying building was imminent.



















Renovating a near-condemned building is not for the faint of heart. Enter Kevin Heinonen, of the THAT Place Projects, operator of the successful Tinderbox Kitchen restaurant and Annex Cocktail Lounge next door. With the help of a local developer, Heinonen acquired the building and vowed to restore the historic structure. Tourist Home Urban Market opened in October 2014 as a Tinderbox-inspired café. While the original exterior structure has been fortified and preserved, the building’s interior is clean, modern and the antithesis of the neglected place it was just a few years ago. The café offers all-day, quick-service breakfast and lunch items from its kitchen, as well as specialty foods, specialty wines from its Companion Vineyard and amazing fresh pastries and bakery items.  Specially roasted local Firecreek Coffee and rotating craft brews highlight a full service bar featuring killer mimosas, bloody marys and, of course, the famous Annex Shandy.

We are game changers. We invested in the south side of Flagstaff pretty much before anyone else. We are responsible for creating THAT place everyone thinks of now. We didn't just take old buildings and make them interesting by placing successful restaurant concepts in them.  We literally created a brand new place that has an identity unlike anything ever before. That's what we do: create what you love.

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