our story

The Tourist Home was built in the early 1920's by Basque sheepherders who would graze their flocks in the the area during the warm summer months. It was a boarding house of sorts, where the sheepherders would congregate to eat, sleep, and enjoy the shelter and company of one another. They built the Handball Court off of what is now our beautiful outdoor patio, which is open for seating year-round. 

We rebuilt the entire Tourist Home from the inside out in 2014, taking every step possible to maintain its historic structure. Now, it has become a buzzing center of the Southside Neighborhood here in Flagstaff, and a great point of pride in the city.



Blending American cuisine with culinary notes of Latin America and Italy, Tourist Home is Flagstaff's ideal spot for breakfast, lunch, and of course, brunch.  With world class coffee and cocktails, extensive outdoor seating, and the best breakfast burritos in town, Tourist Home is a no-brainer to start your day, and keep it going.